Details for each project are worked out in workgroups that contain area experts. Each project has a phenotype group and an analysis group. Click on the following links to go to the workgroup pages.


Phenotypes -- Laura Bierut, Marilyn Cornelis, Dave Hinds, Youna Hu, Jaakko Kaprio, Eric Jorgenson, Dajiang Liu, Matt McGue, Marcus Munafo, Gunter Schumann, Scott Vrieze, Luisa Zuccolo

Analysis -- Goncalo Abecasis, David Hinds, Youna Hu, Eric Jorgenson, Charles Kooperberg, Pete Kraft, Penelope Lind, Dajiang Liu, Nancy Saccone, Dan Stram, Scott Vrieze, Xiaowei Zhan


The exome project workgroups were created in January 2013.

Phenotypes -- Jaakko Kaprio, Matt McGue, Nancy Saccone, Laura Bierut, Scott Vrieze, Tinca Polderman

Analysis -- Goncalo Abecasis, Dajiang Liu, Charles Kooperberg, Dan Stram, Scott Vrieze

Writing -- Goncalo Abecasis, Andrew Bergen, Sean David, Jaakko Kaprio, Dajiang Liu, Valerie Turcot, Scott Vrieze


To be determined